Who said mixing metals is design suicide!

gold and silver on a table

Are you sticking to one metal in your color story?  Although it may work for a specific color scheme, don’t be afraid to mix your metals.  Mixing your metals gives your space a more modern feel.


But if you are still leery about mixing metals in your home decor design, then you’ll want to follow these ten tips.

10 tips for Mixing Metals in Design Decor

  1. Mix cool metals with warm metals.  Silver and gold are traditional colors that can always be mixed.  Likewise, try mixing silver and copper for a modern contrast to cool and warm.  Grey or neutral palettes can be accentuated with brass, rose gold, or bronze to warm up any living space.
  2. Keep in mind the color, tone, and finish of each metal you plan to use.  Color is simple. Is it gold, silver, etc. Next, a tone is the brightness or darkness of the color.  Finally, finish is how it’s treated. A finish can be matte, satin, natural, glossy, patina, brushed, or shiny.  In addition, your color, tone, and finish should be deliberate and coordinating.
  3. The room matters.  Despite #2 keep in mind the size and type of the room.  Mixing metals works best in living rooms and bedrooms whereas bathrooms may appear smaller when using bold metals.
  4. One main metal unifies a space but peppering in other metals guides the eye through the space creating a unique interest in each piece.
  5. Metals come in many textiles.  Don’t think natural metals are the only ones you can use.  Comparatively adding metals can be in the form of textiles, fabrics, wallpaper, and even artwork.
  6. Creating near matches.  If metals are not a focus in the decor try using finishes and color that is closest to the decor in place.  Consequently creating a more subtle contrast.
  7. Mix metals on your walls.  When designing a wall gallery with consistent colored frames add two metals to break up the color and add contrast.
  8. Separate by height.  In like manner place metals either high or low.  For example, keep gold low on sofas and floors while silvers on mantels and walls.
  9. Boldly go where no one has been before.  If you are using bright bold colors in your design decor don’t be afraid to use metals to contrast and break the high pigmented hues.
  10. Finally, highlight.  Highlight a statement piece.  Not only will this anchor the room but it will provide a dominant metal that serves as the basis of your decor.

Remember with any decor design, make the space your own.  In other words, create a space that you are happy in. For more interior design tips make sure to follow @interiordesignbytalena on instagram, facebook, and pinterest.

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