Home Furnishing Tips by Talena

As an interior designer, my first meeting with my clients is often at their home where they are looking for my design help. I often walk into a space where the current furnishings all came from the same set and are what I have termed to be “matchy matchy.” This is a big no-no in the design world. When furnishing your space, don’t get stuck on every piece of furniture needing to be from a set. Anyone can walk into Rooms to Go and say “give me the whole room.” If you do this, the eye will naturally gloss over every piece in the room and move right along. Nothing is any different from the next so there isn’t anything that grabs the eye’s attention and begging to investigate a little longer and appreciate the differences of each piece. Choose every piece of furniture with intention.While this is not always my method, I recommend you start by selecting the largest piece of furniture in the room. This will often be your statement piece or focal point. For example, in a bedroom I usually start with the bed and move out from there. Don’t feel that your two nightstands need to match either. They should coordinate, but not necessarily be “matchy matchy.” Make designing your space fun by putting thought into each piece and you will find that your room naturally becomes so much more interesting to the eye. I recommend you start here with your search and save any items you are considering to your favorites.

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